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The activity of the complex has a preventive health-oriented elements with relaxation, helps relieve stress at the end of the day and to achieve good health. Do you want to plunge into the world of home comfort and a pleasant and friendly environment? Exquisite cuisine, Turkish bath, Russian bath, sauna in the Modern style, Japanese-style sauna, a sauna in the Egyptian style, rest rooms, a huge swimming pool. All this is just for you in Bath spa and fitness complex "PAROCLINIC."

Russian bath

Russian sauna, a Russian steam bath, showers, massage room, rest room in the Russian style.


Turkish sauna

Hamam (Turkish Bath) is a spacious room with subdued soft light, which creates relaxing background, the originality of a pair, all together in harmony with the processes of Turkish massage. The impact of Turkish massage on the human body is not comparable with any kind of massage.


The Japanese sauna

The Japanese bath is used cedar phyto barrel. Just to offer our customers the menu of Japanese cuisin


Egyptian sauna

Sauna in the Egyptian style - a living room, massage room, a shower, wet sauna, recreation room in the Egyptian style..



Public swimming pool with a counterflow device, which allows on-site swimming, geyser and underwater massage. In the stream of water formed a small whirlwind, moving along the body of the air bubbles create a sense of exquisite massage.


Sauna in a modern style

Sauna in the modern style, living room, Finnish sauna, massage showers, recreation room in modern style.



It's no secret that massage - a unique procedure for both treatment and prevention of various diseases. Sometimes it is enough to make a massage to get rid of headaches, chronic fatigue, overcome stiffness or soreness in the back, legs and other body parts.



The interior of a cafe reminiscent of the ancient origins of the game in golf.Golf Cafe offers set meals, snacks, juices, all kinds of beverages, a variety of desserts nice music, friendly staff.


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   Moscow, Izmailovo road 71 to 4 G-D
   Phone: (495) 737-71-28, 737-71-29
   Hours: Round the clock
   E-mail: info@paroclinic.ru

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