Russian bath

The word sauna is found in written sources from the 11th century. Other titles: Soap, mylenka, movnitsa.

Types of Russian bath

Traditional Russian baths (village) are divided into: Bath, heated "black", chopped on a "pyatistenki 'ie they have" very bath "and" waiting room "separated by a wall chopped. The door to the bath itself, as a rule, small size and high threshold, which slows the flow of cold air from the changing room. All the baths are open fireplace, which warms not only stones but also the walls of the bath. The smoke from the fireplace out through the partially open door and an outlet ("aside" as this board aside, and yet it is not an outlet) in the ceiling. Usually it is the natural stone-stove pellets and boiler for hot water. Heat their wood, preferably hardwood (eg birch). If the wrong furnace room "bitter." The wood inside the bath smoked heavily, resulting in the walls of a bath - a dark color, but it also serves to disinfect premises baths. "Before using to ventilate the smoke and soot washed from the shelves." There is a notion, "must rest room" that is, after the end of the furnace will take some time. Plus, after firing at stone throw ladle of boiling water, open the door and release the "first pair", so less room, "bitter."

Sometimes the ceiling with a broom sweep off, and with good wood soot on the walls of practically settles. Bath, heated "in white", there are different designs. In such a bath is always a stone, brick or metal with a tank furnace for heating the water. This room requires nataplivaniya more wood, but much easier and more enjoyable to use. Such designs are modern and individual baths. Bath in the Russian stove. The furnace heat their in irons heated water. After the furnace is removed from the floor furnace ashes and poured straw. Fire rakes in the corner of the stove. Then you can wash, climbing into the oven and even a steam broom gently so as not to coach themselves black. Probably, it is the name of the Ukrainian baths - "lazne."

With what is to be steam chamber of Russian bath? First of all, it must meet two basic requirements - a minimum and provide maximum comfort while enjoying its people. The first requirement is due to the need of good management of its main technological parameters - temperature, humidity and qualitative composition of the vapor environment. Second - the possibility of steam on a shelf in the supine position and is easily possible to bath procedure, with regular massage or mutually grooming each other.

"Every measure it paints" a measure of the architectural space of the chamber steam bath is the human body. It should also come to us to fit both shoes and clothes, chair and bed and positively perceived Pyateritsa all our senses. Over the years we have accumulated experience in building steam rooms cameras vary their internal structure and arrangement, different designs were tested glowing furnaces. Ultimately, we settled on a four chamber that could satisfy both it seems to us the most demanding of bathers as the personal estate, and recreation complexes in respectable public purpose. If there is no need for such a cell, it can easily be halved and then it will be able to steam at the same time two people.

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