Sauna in a modern style

Sauna in the modern style - a living room, massage room, showers, wet sauna, recreation room in modern style.

Finnish sauna, an indispensable tool of relaxation and relieving fatigue. It will relax after a busy day. In our center, saunas are equipped with everything needed for maximum convenience and comfort.

Sauna is known for a long time ago and now has acquired a well-deserved popularity. The temperature in the sauna reaches 130-150 degrees Celsius at a sufficiently low moisture content. Usually occurs 03.02 call 10-20 minutes, after which take a cold shower.

   Contact Information
   Moscow, Izmailovo road 71 to 4 G-D
   Phone: (495) 737-71-28, 737-71-29
   Hours: Round the clock

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