Japanese bath

In a Japanese bath the cedar phytobarrel is used. It is a novelty of our complex

phyto barrels - a unique method of healing effects of herbs on the human body.

Among the many modern ways of dealing with adverse factors, the most progressive - "Cedar phyto barrels".

main acting factor that is used in the "Cedar barrel" - a combination of the healing power of natural material, hot steam and natural healthful components of the concentrate of natural origin. Supply pressure steam treatment comes in a compact mini-sauna (a barrel), made from natural Siberian cedar, famous for its phytoncide action.

most striking after the procedure, "Cedar phyto barrels" - velvet, rejuvenated skin, which is gratefully accepts tan (no burns), disappear sunburn and skin problems, cellulite, excess weight. The use of ancient technology, the selection of herbs promotes rapid removal of toxins, toxins, restore your body. How is the medical procedure?

The man sits on a bench in the cedar barrel, so that his head was outside, and the whole body inside the barrel, which is fed from the bottom of the herbs fitopar the Altai Mountains, and the area around the neck tightly wraps a blanket and sheet, not to go out steam. While in the barrel is heated and intense sweating, the body, accompanied by the release of huge amount of slag. The maximum length of stay in the barrel is 15 minutes, although the main criterion for being a man, that is, its ability to transfer heat without deterioration of health.

partly resembles steam room in a Russian bathhouse, but the fundamental difference is that, on the one hand, there is no phyto barrels overheating of the head (brain), and on the other hand, the effects of herbs on the human body steamed through the skin is much more intense and focused.

After the release of phyto barrels, the patient, wrapped in a sheet, a vitamin drink herbal tea, a little cool down, then back into his skin or problem areas rubbed fitomasla. After 15-20 minutes the patient fitovtirany resting (relaxed) on the couch, covered with a blanket.

After phyto barrels is not recommended to take a shower! In order to achieve maximum therapeutic effect balm, applied during warming, need to work on your skin within 2 hours after the session.

phyto barrels allow you to remove the excess voltage as a neuro-muscular system, and on the whole organism. Phyto barrels effectively increases the immunity of the person

Effect of phyto barrels on the human body due to a set of processes that occur as a result of the inclusion of functional systems and organs under the influence of various factors in this procedure. As a result, the effect occurs both at the individual organs, and on the intracellular metabolism of man.

change the life conditions of the cells change their reactivity, increases resistance to adverse influences and contributes to the development of protective and regenerating mechanisms. This improves the efficiency of the organism, which is especially important in today's ecosystem.

When considering the overall impact of phyto barrels per person should identify the following factors:

  • ambient temperature
  • humidity
  • physico-chemical composition of the air
  • gravity
  • mechanical irritation on the surface of the body
  • time factor
  • the general condition of man, as at this moment in time, and as a whole

  • The temperature of the exciting acts on the thermoreceptors located in the skin and mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. The beginning of the chain reactions associated with exposure to phyto barrels is the inclusion of the corresponding fields of the hypothalamus during stimulation of the heat. As a result of supplying heat the upper respiratory tract and the outer parts of the cervical spine is the temperature change on the part of the carotid artery. Excitatory activity of phyto barrels depends on the physical characteristics of individual rights.

    temperature, humidity, its physical and chemical composition of the cause of the following processes in the body:

  • condensation of water vapor on the skin and mucous membranes
  • gas exchange in the alveoli
  • secretion airways when inhaled air takes the appropriate temperature, humidity, and physical and chemical characteristics
  • thermoregulation due to separation and evaporation of sweat
  • Mechanical stimulation is distributed mainly through segmental included cutaneous-visceral reflexes. The time factor should be considered both in terms of adaptation, both in terms of accumulation of irritation.

    The progress made in the construction of the corrective ofuro: ofuro in the XX century have to do with the strong thermal insulation, the water is constantly circulated and heated.

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