Parocliniс is one of the most compact and various complexes. Here you will find not only 5 saunas absolutely different in style , but also various SPA procedures. After having a pleasant sauna, you will be waited by the most tasty dishes of our restaurant located in the territory of the complex.
The design of each sauna is completely unique and recreates the atmosphere to which it is devoted. At all this, you will find in each room everything necessary for comfortable rest - the pool, a convenient drawing room, billiards and certainly prepared steam room. Skilled masseurs will create miracles with your body. Our managers will answer any information interesting you. We will be glad to see YOU.

      Novelty of our complex the Cedar phytobarrel which is in the Japanese bath.
      To order a bath and any procedure it is possible on ph. 737-71-28, 737-71-29.

What time is not spent for nothing? No matter what a man, for this woman is the time to myself. It is pleasant to feel the spotlight, catching admiring glances at the fans and envious friends. It seems only yesterday met and everything was as usual, but today you're in bloom, seems to have visited an expensive resort or have got a new novel ...

And everything is quite simple - just that you were in a fairy tale where you are bathed and nurtured. Undead lady, of course, the privilege of men. But let the dear man did not take offense, but sometimes care about yourself, your favorite, you need to trust the professionals. One way to give new radiance of your beauty can be a visit to the SPA-center. If you stop the choice on health complex "Paroclinic" then entrust the care of your beauty in good hands.

As soon as you step into our center - all the problems you can safely leave outdoor. In the next couple of hours the only thing you need - to trust our highly qualified professional stuff, who will help you choose one set of procedures, which you need. Our procedures are based on the use of French companies and Algologie Thalaspa - the recognized world leader in professional cosmetics for beauty salons.

It is necessary to look at our salon, and if the cosmetic procedures are not included in your plans. You can just have a good time. For you and your friends are five sauna complexes, each sauna has its own twist. And what would you have stopped your choice - in the Turkish or Russian baths, Japanese, Egyptian, saunas, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the time. We recommend you to combine a relaxing steam bath with a whirlpool session tonic, or a refreshing dip in the large pool with a counter.

Do not leave the water element, you can pay tribute to the skill of our bartender. Sipping cocktails in the pool can be, because bar is located at the side.

Although the care of the beauty peculiar to the first ladies, our procedures are popular among the stronger sex.

   Contact Information
   Moscow, Izmailovo road 71 to 4 G-D
   Phone: (495) 737-71-28, 737-71-29
   Hours: Round the clock

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